• The Little Studio and Saint-Gaudens' home


    National Historic Site New Hampshire


Lodging is not available in the park, nor are camping facilities. Lodging of all kinds, from bed & breakfast type inns to hotels, are available in nearby communities.

The closest lodging facilities are bed & breakfast establishments in Plainfield, N.H. (4 miles) and Windsor, Vt. (2.5 miles). The largest concentration of motels in the area is in White River Junction, Vt. (13 miles) and directly across the river in West Lebanon, N.H. (12 miles).

The nearest commercial RV parks are located in Ascutney, Vermont (7 miles). Camping spots are also available in Ascutney State Park (6 miles).

Did You Know?

Portrait cameos of the Stuart Family done by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, ca. 1864

Augustus Saint-Gaudens ended his formal schooling at age 13 and was then apprenticed for six years to a cameo cutter. He later used this skill to support himself during the early years of his career.