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Collections of Saint-Gaudens

1) If I have a question about Saint-Gaudens, his family, or his art who should I ask?
Contact: Dr. Henry Duffy, Curator
603-675-2175 x 112
e-mail us

2) What kinds of objects are in the collection at the site?

What's in the Collections of Saint-Gaudens

3) How are the collections kept in good condition?

The park is always working to keep the collection in good condition. Conservation work is done by the National Park Service Northeast Museum Collections Conservation Branch in Lowell, Massachusetts, or by other qualified institutions.

4) If I am doing research on Augustus Saint-Gaudens what do I do to access the archives and collection?

The major collection of archives about Saint-Gaudens is at the Rauner Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H. and can be reached at either (603) 646-0538 or at www.dartmouth.edu/~library/rauner/
The park's collection and archives, may be seen by appointment. Contact the Curator, Henry Duffy.

5) I think I have a sculpture by Saint-Gaudens. Who can authenticate it?

The park cannot appraise works of art, but will be happy to provide a general assessment of a work of art, and whether or not it is by Saint-Gaudens.

6) If I want to donate an object to the park what is the procedure?

Contact the Curator, Henry Duffy

Did You Know?

Liberty ship, named the Augustus Saint-Gaudens

There was a WWII liberty ship named the Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Launched in March 1944, in Panama City, Florida, it was later used to ferry troops during D Day, June 6, 1944. It was sold to Italy in 1947 and renamed the Nazareno. The ship was scrapped in 1967.