• The Little Studio and Saint-Gaudens' home


    National Historic Site New Hampshire

Park Planning

State of the Parks Report

In 2004 a State of the Parks Report was prepared for Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site by the National Parks Conservation Association. The State of the Parks Program was launched by the NPCA in 1999. The goals of the program are to find the best way to assess the health of natural and cultural resources and to produce reports to communicate the findings to the public and congress.

Did You Know?

Saint-Gaudens and his family arrived in Boston on the ship, Desdemona in September 1848

Though considered an American artist, Augustus Saint-Gaudens was born in Dublin, Ireland to a French father and Irish mother. In 1848, at the age of six months, he made the month-long voyage to the United States with his parents on the ship Desdamona.