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Seasonal positions (May - October) are available annually in the Visitor Services and Maintenance Divisions. When positions are available they are listed on this site and posted on www.usajobs.gov. An easy way to locate the jobs is to use the zip code 03745, and check within a 25 mile radius. Applications must be done on-line through www.usajobs.gov

Current job openings at the Park:

1) _Sculptor-in-Residence
This position is filled for 2014
As the Sculptor-in-Residence is a Federal government position, all applications must be through the official OPM website: www.usajobs.gov This is a paid, full time position from May-October 2014, and is ideal for an active, trained figurative sculptor.
To learn more about the position, and be alerted for the 2015 season, check the Sculptor-in-Residence program page, or contact Gregory Schwarz at (603) 675-2175 x107.

2) Internships are available in both the interpretation and curatorial divisions May - October 2014. These are listed on the Student Conservation Association website www.thesca.org.

1. Interpretation Intern:_ Late May - early August 2014,__12 weeks
Apply through the Student Conservation Association at www.thesca.org
Position ID: PO-00474193, --Direct link to internship announcement:
Interpreting the home, studio and gardens of Augustus Saint-Gaudens and various other duties connected with the site in the bookstore and fee collection kiosk.

2. Interpretation Intern:- Early August - late October 2014,--12 weeks

3. Curatorial Internships:- June - August,- Three, seven week internships available
Apply through the student Conservation Association at: www.thesca.org
Position ID: PO-00461800, ---Direct link to the internship announcement

Assist the Curator with preparing annual reports, museum housekeeping, cataloging, and exhibit preparation among other duties; assist with opening and closing the museum, (pack and unpack boxes, label contents, and maintain a record of boxes and their contents); assist with cleaning and preparation of objects for exhibit or winter storage (this task requires ability to lift and carry boxes and objects and climb ladders); catalog objects on ANCS (Automated National Cataloging System) according to NPS Procedures outlined in the NPS Museum Handbook, and with supervision and instruction of the Curator; repair, maintain and organize manual and automated curatorial records including accession records, catalog records, loan and accession records; complete annual inventory following instructions and procedures outlined by the Curator as found in NPS Museum Handbook and ANCS Handbook; perform routine research for catalog records, exhibits and other purposes as assigned; implement museum maintenance and housekeeping procedures as directed and according to established standards; implement museum environmental monitoring program, including gathering data, maintaining the monitoring equipment and preparing permanent records as directed; assist in the preparation, installation and de-installation of exhibits; work with the park's Visitor Services Division in preparing and delivering a specialized tour to park visitors (possible); assist with photograph requests, including scanning, saving on a CD and mailing.

For questions about position duties in the Interpretation and Visitor Services Division contact Gregory Schwarz, Chief of Visitor Services (603) 675-2175 x107. For positions in the Maintenance Division, contact Steve Walasewicz, Resource Manager (603) 675-2175 x110. For positions in the Curatorial Division, contact Dr. Henry Duffy, Curator (603) 675-2175 x112

Internships are also available at the park, and are primarily recruited through the Student Conservation Association(SCA) organization in Charlestown, N.H. Please check the SCA website (www.thesca.org). To locate the internships, first go to "internships" then "opportunities" and then "search database". Here, type in "Gaudens" to see the positions. You may also call the park for information on available positions (603) 675-2175 x110

Curatorial internships for students in Museum Studies programs, may also be arranged on an individual basis. Contact Dr. Henry Duffy, Curator, (603) 675-2175 x112

Did You Know?

In 1940 Augustus Saint-Gaudens' portrait was on the 3 cent stamp.

In 1940, Augustus Saint-Gaudens was honored in a series of U.S. postage stamps commemorating artists. His portrait appeared on the 3 cent stamp, first class postage at the time.