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Each year the park offers internships through the organization, Student Conservation Association (SCA). Intern opportunities may exist in several park departments and areas, such as interpretation, curatorial, maintenance and natural resources. Internships run from 12 weeks to six months. Participants receive a stipend and housing. You may call the park for more information about the specific position (603) 675-2175

When Internships are available at the site though SCA, descriptions and application materials are available on the SCA website: www.thesca.org


Curatorial internships for students in Museum Studies programs, may also be arranged on an individual basis. Contact Dr. Henry Duffy, Curator, (603) 675-2175 x112

Individually designed student internships not through SCA, may also be arranged with the park. Please contact the park volunteer coordinator, Gregory Schwarz, at (603) 675-2175 x107, for more information.

Volunteer opportunities are available at the park with all divisions. Please contact Judi Tatem, Volunteer Coordinator, at (603) 675-2175 x100 for more information.

Seasonal employment opportunities are sometimes available at the park. When open, these are advertised on the Federal Government's Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website: www.usajobs.gov. You may also contact the park for more details.

Did You Know?

Corn Flakes Box

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of the first people to eat corn flakes. The cereal was invented by John and Will Kellogg in 1894 and commercially produced in 1906. Saint-Gaudens corresponded with Dr. John Kellogg in his later years and was prescribed Corn Flakes as a health food.