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    National Historic Site New Hampshire


Hedges at Saint-Gaudens NHS after a snowstorm

Tall hedges at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site after a snowstorm.

New Hampshire’s weather is quite varied depending on a person’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Summer visitors typically enjoy temperatures in the upper 60s or 70s, while the average autumn day ranges from upper 40s to 60 degrees. The growing season is approximately 120 days long and the state receives an average 40 inches (or more) of precipitation. The Connecticut River Valley and the park receive an annual average of 35 inches of rain and 70 inches of snow. The four seasons vary greatly and each has its own unique qualities.

Spring appears in mid-March and brings unpredictable snows up until the first of April when flowers begin to appear. Summer starts in mid-June bringing warm sunny days and clear cool nights. Starting in late September or early October fall announces its arrival with a beautiful display of color across the landscape. The temperatures continue to fall, but offer fairly sunny and mild days. If you’re looking to come enjoy the fall foliage the leaves usually begin turning around mid September with peak color occurring in early October. However, timing varies year to year, so be sure to check a foliage report before planning your trip to see the colors. The state of New Hampshire offers a Weekly Foliage Report at http://foliage.visitnh.gov/index-flash.html. In late October winter arrives and the first snow of the season blankets the landscape. Snow continues on throughout the rest of the year, with the last snowfall of the season usually occurring in April. [All temps in Fahrenheit.]

Did You Know?

Corn Flakes Box

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of the first people to eat corn flakes. The cereal was invented by John and Will Kellogg in 1894 and commercially produced in 1906. Saint-Gaudens corresponded with Dr. John Kellogg in his later years and was prescribed Corn Flakes as a health food.