• The Little Studio and Saint-Gaudens' home


    National Historic Site New Hampshire

Natural Features & Ecosystems

View of the Blow-Me-Down Pond at Saint-Gaudens NHS

Saint-Gaudens NHS is bordered on two sides by the Blow-Me-Up Brook and the Blow-Me-Down Brook. Both brooks travel through upland forest habitat before merging and traveling to the Connecticut River. As they pass through the park their waters are joined by the waters of several seep springs, leftover remnants of glacier activity in the area. Signs of past glaciation can be seen by observing the roundness of hilltops and the smoothness of rocks and boulders near the brooks and scattered throughout the landscape. Signs of the past can also be seen at the Blow-Me-Down Pond, where the old grist mill sits empty near the dam, which once powered the mill operations. The mill was operational from 1891 until 1918, when it closed down. The pond also has a boardwalk on its east bank; from here the pond wildlife can be quietly observed.

Did You Know?

Corn Flakes Box

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of the first people to eat corn flakes. The cereal was invented by John and Will Kellogg in 1894 and commercially produced in 1906. Saint-Gaudens corresponded with Dr. John Kellogg in his later years and was prescribed Corn Flakes as a health food.