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    National Historic Site New Hampshire


Photo of a brook trout

Photograph of a brook trout

Inventories have documented the presence of twenty-one species of fish at Saint-Gaudens NHS. They are found in the Blow-Me-Down Pond, as well as the Blow-Me-Up and the Blow-Me-Down Brooks. Of the twenty-one species present only Rock Bass, Bluegill, and Spottail Shiner are introduced species. Creek Chub, Blacknose Dace, Longnose Dace, Northern Redbelly Dace, Tessellated Darter, Fallfish, Bluntnose Minnow, Slimy Sculpin, Common Shiner, and Golden Shiner are the native, nongame species within the park.

Did You Know?

The toboggan slide at Saint-Gaudens' home, 1904.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens enjoyed winter sports and built a 30 ft. tall toboggan slide on the lawn next to his studio. A donkey pulled the sled and riders back up from the lower field, ¼ mile away.