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Pre-Visit Materials

Saint-Gaudens offers a wide variety of ranger-led tours for school groups throughout the open season. The materials provided below are pre-visit materials relating to the different ranger-led tours hosted at the site. For any questions about these and other educational materials and opportunities provided by the park, please e-mail the Education Specialist at e-mail us.

Classical Tour Materials

Greek Mythology Vocabulary List (49 KB)
Greek Myths- Flowers (316 KB)
Aesop's Fables (73 KB)

The Cornish Colony

Cornish Colony Painters (17 KB)
Cornish Colony Sculptors (11 KB)

The Civil War

"Marching Song" lyrics (30 KB)
"Somebody's Darling" lyrics (19 KB)
Civil War Coins (29 KB)
Hardtack recipe (42 KB)
Carrie Berry diary (13 KB)
Dr. Archibald Atkinson diary (77 KB)
Rachel Cormany diary (21 KB)
Samuel A. Christey letter (12 KB)
Abraham Lincoln Biography (92 KB)
African American History Timeline (18 KB)
Reconstruction Timeline (11 KB)

Did You Know?

Portrait cameos of the Stuart Family done by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, ca. 1864

Augustus Saint-Gaudens ended his formal schooling at age 13 and was then apprenticed for six years to a cameo cutter. He later used this skill to support himself during the early years of his career.