The Voyages Curriculum

A collage of images showing a lighthouse, woman holding a sextant, a cobbler, gold miner, and a fisherman.

This is a graphic panel from the Voyages exhibit on display in the park's visitor center.


The voyages of ships and boats link San Francisco with the region, the nation, and the world.

The people who have made these voyages shaped the nature of the city and defined its place in American history and culture.

The six lessons in this unit explore the connections between people, maritime history and the development of California.

The lessons are based on the artifacts, photographs and ideas found in the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. They relate directly to exhibits in the park visitor center.

These lessons can be used to enhance your visit to the park, and in the classroom. They connect to the California State Education Content Standards and Framework for Grades 4-6.


What is it like at sea?

Sea Captain's Daughter lesson (pdf - 1.6MB)


Why voyage to San Francisco?

Gold Miner and his son lesson (pdf - 1.5MB)


How have voyages impacted San Francisco?

Cobbler and his son lesson (pdf - 1.4MB)


How are voyages connected to industry?

Fisherman's Daughter lesson (pdf - 1.7MB)


How do ships navigate from place to place at sea?

Navigator lesson (pdf - 1MB)


What has this light witnessed?

Lighthouse Family lesson (pdf - 1.4MB)

Did You Know?