• A section of the bowsprint and figurehead on the bow of BALCLUTHA.

    San Francisco Maritime

    National Historical Park California

Image Map Fun

Five images from the park including a drawing, photos, and a poster.


A historic photo of a ferryboat on SF Bay.  A drawing of celery with eyes and a smile.  An open logbook.  An image of a historic map of San Francisco.  A poster for the Sea Music Concert on BALCLUTHA.  Two men standing in front of a steam engine.

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Did You Know?

The stern of the THAYER showing two rectangular-shaped openings.

Loading ports are small, watertight doors in a ship's hull that lead directly into the hold. Lumber could be more easily loaded into the hold through these ports rather than through the smaller hatches on the deck. These ports had to be caulked shut before the ship put to sea. More...