• A section of the bowsprint and figurehead on the bow of BALCLUTHA.

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  • Ferryboat EUREKA closed for maintenance.

    Ferryboat EUREKA is closed for maintenance. The gangway that links the ship to the pier is being repaired.

Collections Frequently Asked Questions

Ship's wheel (SAFR 3389)
Ship's wheel (SAFR 3389)
NPS photo

Who may use the collections? Where can I use them?

The Library is open to park staff and all members of the public. Archival collections (photos, original documents, etc.) are available to Park staff and researchers for use in the library with valid photo identification by appointment only. Walk-in requests for archival collections access will not be honored. Access to the Park's stored museum artifact and stored small craft collection is currently unavailable until fall 2014 as we move these collections to a new facility. Please contact the Library reference staff to make an appointment, and refer to our Access Policy and Rules Governing Use for a full list of rules for the Library reading room.

Where is the Library located?

The Library is located on the 3rd Floor of Building E at Fort Mason Center. Please see Plan Your Research Visit for directions, parking availability, and other information to help plan your visit.

What are the Library hours?

Please see Plan Your Research Visit for hours and other information to help plan your visit.


How can I look up a publication in the Library catalog?

Published items (books, periodicals, etc.) are listed in the Library's Keys Catalog; see Collections Catalogs & Finding Aids for more information.

How do I find archival and object collections? Why are there only a few archival collections in the Library catalog?

See Collections Catalogs & Finding Aids for links to the archival, object, and library publications catalogs. For more information on finding photographs, see our research guide, Finding Photographs in the Historic Document Collections (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 815 Kb)

May I browse or retrieve materials myself?

Only the public reference materials in the reading room are available for self-service. The Library stacks are closed to everyone except authorized staff. Paging of materials is handled by library staff. Some materials are located in offsite storage, and paging times vary.


Can I check out materials from the Library?

Full borrowing privileges are extended to NPS staff only; limited privileges are extended to volunteers, interns, Library Friends and Park Association staff.

Most Library Stack materials can be borrowed through interlibrary loan service, for use in your local library. Rare library materials, archival materials, and audio-visual collections are not available through interlibrary loan, and must be used in the Library Reading Room.

Is help available to researchers?

Reference assistance about the collections with limited research is available. Staff are unable to undertake lengthy research investigations.


What should I expect when using the reading room?

Please refer to our Access Policy and Rules Governing Use for a full list of rules for the Library reading room.


Are there restrictions on what sort of items I can bring into the reading room?

Yes; please refer to our Access Policy and Rules Governing Use for a full list of rules for the Library reading room. Lockers are available for storage of personal property.


Does the Library provide computer facilities for word processing and other applications? Is wifi available?

While researchers may bring laptops, tablets, and silent smart phones into the reading room, the Library does not provide computers for word processing or other software applications. Library computer workstations in the reading room are for library catalog access and research only. Wifi is available.

How can I get copies of materials?

Requests for reproductions from library and archival collections may be available, depending on the item's condition. Please refer to the Park's Duplication Services for information on reproductions and pricing; reproductions are provided on a cost recovery charge-back basis in accordance with 43 U.S. Code 1460 and National Park Service (NPS) policy. Fees recovered from the delivery of reproductions are used to support the use and preservation of the Park's collections. All copies are produced by park staff only. Payment is accepted with a credit card or checking account via our Pay.gov site, and must be received in advance before an order can be processed.


How do I get permission to publish an image from the collection?

Please see our Notice of Intent to Publish or Use form.


Do you have ship's passenger lists, or information on life on the ships?

We have some passenger lists; if you know the name of the ship, and the date of the voyage, you can contact us to see if we have any resources on those passengers. (The majority of passenger lists for arrivals on the West Coast are at other institutions--see our Genealogy Research page for more information). We also have material describing life on board ships--contact us for recommendations of first-person accounts of sailors' seafaring lives, immigrant's experiences, and works on typical conditions aboard ships.


My relative was a sailor--can you help me find information on him or her? My relative served on a Navy ship--can you help me?

If you contact us with the name of the ship on which they served, we may be able to locate resources such as a picture of the vessel; we have some information on crews as well. We also have a fairly large collection of cruise books, the "year book" or "memory book" of a crew's voyage. See Genealogy Research at SF Maritime NHP for more information on our resources and those in other collections.


I'm not sure of the name of the ship my relative came here or served on--can you help me?

Please see Genealogy Research at SF Maritime NHP for pointers to many sources, or contact us for assistance.


My relative worked in a shipyard--can you help me find information on him or her?

We hold extensive collections relating to West Coast shipyards; more information is available on our Genealogy research at SF Maritime NHP page or by contacting us.

Can I volunteer at the Library? Do you have internships?

The Library periodically has volunteer and internship opportunities for both short-term, project based and long-term assignments. Please contact the park's Volunteer Office to learn more.


How can I donate material to the Library?

Questions concerning donations of library materials (books and periodicals) should be directed to the park's non-profit cooperating partner, the Friends of the San Francisco Maritime Museum Library.


How can I donate material to the archives or museum collection?

The Park collects and preserves materials in all formats that document the maritime heritage of the Pacific Coast. Questions concerning donations of archival materials or objects to the museum collection may be directed to the attention of Keri Koehler, Collections Manager: e-mail us. Please include a description of the item(s) you would like to donate and a digital image of the item(s). Archival items offered for donation are currently reviewed monthly by the Park's Acquisitions Committee; decisions regarding potential new acquisitions to the museum object collection will be deferred until fall 2014 due to our moving the stored object collections to a new facility. The Park can not appraise items offered for donation.

Want to learn more about donating archives in general? See the Society of American Archivists' Donating Your Personal or Family Papers to a Repository.

What are my books, photos, etc., worth? How can I care for my personal collections?

The Park staff can not provide this information to individuals; please see Conservation/Preservation Information for the General Public at the Conservation Online website for links to resources and information.

Did You Know?

Fog envelopes San Francisco Bay, leaving only the top of the Golden Gate Bridge visible.

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Many attribute this phrase to Mark Twain, however the origin is unknown. It is a good thing to remember when visiting San Francisco Maritime during the summer. Don’t forget a coat, as the summer fog keeps temperatures in the city cool.