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June 26, 2012 Posted by: Christine Baird
A snowy-white bird standing at the water's edge with lots of people nearby on the beach. 

This snowy egret with her showy neon-yellow feet has been a regular beach-goer here at Aquatic Park. During May and June we get lots of school kids at Aquatic Park beach enjoying end-of-year field trips and this year the weather has been beautiful  -- warm enough to throw off those shoes and go wading. Mobs of screaming, frolicking kids don't scare off the egret, she just adjusts. When someone gets too close she (or he?) flies up and lands on an empty strip of sand. Must be good fishing. She wades in about knee-high (do egrets have knees?) and I've seen her three times swallowing a wiggling, silvery fish.

A white bird standing in the water on Aquatic Park beach with five children playing in the water in the background.

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Fog envelopes San Francisco Bay, leaving only the top of the Golden Gate Bridge visible.

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Many attribute this phrase to Mark Twain, however the origin is unknown. It is a good thing to remember when visiting San Francisco Maritime during the summer. Don’t forget a coat, as the summer fog keeps temperatures in the city cool.