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    Santa Fe

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Places To Go

There are many places of history and commemoration on the Santa Fe Trail for you to visit. Museums, interpretive centers, and historic sites provide information and interpretation for the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. Please contact each site for closures or changes in hours before you go.

Due to the trail's length, these historic sites and interpretive facilities are organized above by state. Within each state, the sites are organized geographically, from east to west.

For federal sites on or near the trail in each state, visit Nearby Attractions.

Two people on a boardwalk in a treeless open prairie in Kansas
Visitors enjoy seeing trail ruts near Dodge City, Kansas.
NPS photo

Did You Know?

A barbed wire fence and windmill are near the Point of Rocks formation on the Santa Fe National Historic Trail in New Mexico

Opened in 1821, the Santa Fe Trail became the lifeline for protection and communication between Missouri and Santa Fe. Military forts opened along the route to protect trail travel and trade, and freighting and merchant operations boomed.