The Great Prairie Highway

You can almost hear the whoops and cries of "All's set!" as trail hands hitched their oxen to freight wagons carrying cargo between western Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Follow the Santa Fe National Historic Trail through five states and you'll find adventure and evidence of past travelers who made this remarkable trip before you!


Original route sign for Santa Fe Trail

Tell-Tale Signs

The land has a story to tell. Swales and creek crossings, dips and ruts chronicle life on the trail. Follow the stories by following these road signs.

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Wagon Mound New Mexico landmark

Travel the Trail

Walk trail segments, and visit museums, historic sites, parks, forts, plazas, and a palace connected to the Santa Fe Trail voyage of discovery.

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Santa Fe NHT map

A Complete Set of Tools

Ready to follow the trail? Need a map? Your toolkit includes brochures, maps, and links for trip planning. Go to Photos & Multimedia for videos.

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Videos, exhibtis, audio podcasts for you!

The Trail Comes Alive!

Watch videos that will help you travel and experience the trail. Peruse exhibits placed along the route. Listen to the trail story of the 1800s.

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Passport book

Your Passport to the Trail

Visit over 30 sites where you can get your book stamped. Sites & location information listed here. Everyone loves the National Park Passport Program!

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Officiial Santa Fe NHT logo

Howdy Partner

The National Park Service works with federal, state, county, and local agencies, tribes and private individuals as partners to administer the trail.

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wagon wheel

Much Ado About Something

This is a story of discovery, adventure, broken treaties, golden promises, trade, wars, and riches. Read all about it through ongoing research papers.

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Did You Know?