• Saint Croix Island in middle of river

    Saint Croix Island

    International Historic Site Maine

Support Your Park

Thank you for your interest in supporting Saint Croix Island International Historic Site. Your donation will enhance programs and activities that protect park resources and provide visitor services. Philanthropic contributions continue to make a significant difference; we welcome and are grateful for your support. There are several ways of supporting the park.

  • The park is able to accept direct donations. If you are interested in donating to the directly to the park, you may contact the superintendent by phone (207-288-8700) or e-mail. Donations (checks payable to the National Park Service) may be sent to:

Saint Croix Island International Historic Site
c/o Acadia National Park
PO Box 177
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

  • Buy a book at the Eastern National bookstore. A portion of proceeds come back to the park for programs, publications, and more.
  • Volunteer! The park offers a few volunteer events each year. Check the program schedule for details.

Did You Know?

Statue on Saint Croix interpretive trail.

Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons, and Samuel Champlain continued to be friends through the years after their attempt at settling Saint Croix Island. De Mons' name even appears as a witness on Champlain's marriage contract in 1611. The island is protected today as part of Saint Croix Island IHS.