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  • Saint Croix 1604 traveling trunk contents.

    The Saint Croix 1604 Interpretive Trunks were assembled to increase awareness and knowledge of Saint Croix Island and its history. The trunks contain:
    - booklets on the history of the island,
    - a teacher's guide with activities and lessons,
    - brochures and books about the Native Americans who played a large role in Saint Croix's history, and
    - props that accompany certain activities.

    Traveling Trunk
    Grade level:
    Fifth Grade-Eighth Grade
    American Indian History and Culture, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Botany, Ecology, Family Life, Historic Preservation, History, Social Studies
    Passamaquoddy, Native American culture, Native American history, Wabanaki, Samuel de Champlain, Saint Croix, Saint Croix Island, Beaver