• Canoeists paddle by tree lined shores

    Saint Croix

    National Scenic Riverway WI,MN

Winter Activities

Cross Country Skiing

The Trego Lake Ski trail is the only trail groomed and maintained by the Riverway. The Trego Lake Ski Trail provides 3.6 miles of beginning to intermediate skiing in three loops. The trail offers many scenic overlooks of the river and abounds in wildlife. Other hiking trails and the frozen St. Croix river may be appropriate for skiing but are ungroomed. The Sandrock Cliff Trail provides a 5 mile loop of beginning to intermediate skiing. One side of the loop follows the river while the other side is more interior, providing a wide variety of terrain and scenery.

State Parks have groomed ski trails and annually offer an opportunity for candlelight skiing. The annual American Birkebiner near Hayward, Wisconsin crosses Riverway land and brings together top American and International skiers.

A further source for information on conditions and trails in northern Wisconsin is www.norwiski.com a joint venture of tourism and commercial enterprises.



Snowshoes allow the wearer to travel most anywhere snow exists. Ungroomed park trails make the going easier as you needn't worry about vegetation. State parks also allow snowshoes on trails not groomed for skiing. If you would like to build your own snowshoes, call one of the state parks as they have offered classes in the past or they may offer guided hikes where they provide the snowshoes.


No sledding hills or skating rinks exist in the Riverway. Some of the towns offer public areas to enjoy these activities.

Ice fishing

A popular activity in certain stretches of the river, is icefishing. State fishing regulations apply. "Structures used for fishing during ice fishing season may be left on the ice for more than 24 hours in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations."

Caution: The river's currents, dams and springs provide for uneven freezing. Check the ice depth before venturing out on to the ice and while travelling on it.


Did You Know?

Black and White photo of the St. Croix river clogged with logs

Between 1850 and 1889 log jams occurred at angle rock on the St. Croix River between Minnesota and Wisconsin, where the river bends within a rocky gorge. In 1886 over 150 million board feet of logs jammed creating a tourist attraction. Today St. Croix NSR attracts tourists for its scenic beauty.