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A group of kayaks paddle through a wooded stretch of river.

Kayakers paddle through a forested landscape.


It's a big place. Here are some suggestions to get you started on a river journey.

Namekagon River:
Big Bend to Namekagon Visitor Center (Near Trego, WI)
County Road K to Whispering Pines (Near Trego, WI)
Whispering Pines to McDowell (Between Danbury and Trego, WI)

St. Croix River:
Nelsons to Soderbeck (Near Grantsburg, WI)
Wisconsin or Minnesota Interstate Park to Osceola (Near St. Croix Falls and Taylors Falls)

For a more general idea about the character of the Riverway, check out the river description pages.

The Riverway Above Riverside
The St. Croix Marshland
The Lower St. Croix

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