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  • 08/16/2013

    Location: Mile Long Island, Stillwater Islands area Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: St. Croix River Visitor Center Contact Phone Number: (715) 483-2274
In the early 1900s the St. Croix River north of Stillwater became known as "Little Venice" because of the scenery and solitude found among its tree-covered islands.

The night sky has historically been used for worship by ancient tribes, a source of agricultural timing, a subject of philosophy, a navigation map by explorers, essential for nocturnal creatures, and a beauty to behold. But our naked eyes are seeing less of the starry night than 100 years ago. The star speckled sky is a beauty to behold and is an important component of the special places that the National Park Service protects so that the public can experience this endangered resource. Endangered from what? Why is it a resource?

Find out from Park Ranger April on Mile Long Island, to "see some stars" and put your head above the clouds. This program is free, and open to the public. For more information, call the St. Croix River Visitor Center at (715) 483-2274.


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