• The churches of San Antonio were the heart of the Spanish colonal mission communities.

    San Antonio Missions

    National Historical Park Texas

Public Transportation


The public transportation system in San Antonio is VIA. Bus 42 from downtown will bring you to Mission Concepción and San José. Bus 36 from downtown will take you to Mission San Juan.

There is no bus servive to Mission Espada.


Taxis are available for trips to all four missions. From downtown to the farthest mission, Espada, is approximately 11 miles.

Did You Know?

One of the earliest drawings of Mission San José, by Seth Eastman, 1848.

that one of the earliest views of Mission San José was penned by Captain Seth Eastman, U.S. Army, in 1849, soon after Texas was admitted into the United States? San Antonio Missions National Historical Park exhibits the original in the Visitor Center museum.