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    Russell Cave

    National Monument Alabama

Nearby Attractions

Bridgeport, AL

The historic town of Bridgeport is home to the annual Seige of Bridgeport Civil War Re-enactment, and the Bridgeport Railway Museum.

Stevenson, AL

Eleven miles from Russell Cave is the town of Stevenson, AL. Here you can visit the Stevenson Railroad Depot and discover more about the history of this area.

South Pittsburg, TN

This home of the National Cornbread Festival is only ten miles from Russell Cave.

To see area caves that are different from Russell Cave you can travel forty-seven miles to Cathedral Caverns State Park in Woodville, AL, or fifty-four miles to Sequoyah Caverns and Campgrounds in Valley Head, AL.

Did You Know?

Pottery Sherd

Broken pieces of pottery are called "sherds". The National Park Service found over 13,000 pottery sherds at Russell Cave National Monument. Almost all types of pottery from the local region were found at this site. The pots were used for storage and cooking.