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    Russell Cave

    National Monument Alabama

Fees & Reservations

Entrance into Russell Cave
Entrance into Russell Cave
Antoine Fletcher

Entrance Fee
Entrance to Russell Cave National Monument is free. The park is one of the few historical national monuments that does not charge an entrance fee.

Activities available free of charge include:

  • Ranger guided tours of the cave shelter
  • Museum exhbitis
  • Educational movies about the lifeways of prehistoric people
  • Nature hikes along the Alabama Birding Trail site #44
  • All picnic areas are first come first served
  • Demonstrations of prehistoric tools and weapons (if staffing is permitted)
  • Speacial programs such as: stargazing, plant hikes, and festivals
  • School groups (No more than 50 students)

Did You Know?

Prehistoric Fishooks

One of the oldest bone fishhooks in the Southeastern United States was found at Russell Cave National Monument. The ancient people who occupied this site ate many species of fish from the Tennessee River.