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    Roger Williams

    National Memorial Rhode Island

Our Staff & Offices


Site Manager
Jennifer Smith
401.521.7266 ext. 201

Budget Analyst/Special Use Permit Coordinator

Sparkle Bryant

Visitor Services, Interpretation, and Education Team

Park Ranger/Volunteer Coordinator
Sparkle Bryant
401.521.7266 ext. 204

John McNiff

Park Ranger/Publications
John McNiff
401.521.7266 ext. 203


Park Ranger
Maria Levesque

Maintenance ex 208

Information Desk ex 207

Did You Know?

Rhode Island statehouse at sunset

Rhode Island held a state senate hearing in 1992 to determine what the official state beverage would be. The debate was between Del’s lemonade and Autocrat coffee milk. Although it was close, coffee milk prevailed and is the official state drink of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. More...