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  • Roger Williams National Memorial

    The Bloudy Tenant of Persecution Lesson Plan

    Roger Williams with Narragansetts

    Roger Williams advocated for free exercise of religion at a time where Church and State were often indistinguishable from one another.  Williams believed that religion was a matter of individual conscience, not to be regulated by a government.

    In this lesson, students examine Williams’ writings to learn about his influence and relevance on some of the fundamental ideals set forth in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, particularly the 1st Amendment.


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    Lesson Plan
    Grade level:
    Seventh Grade-Eighth Grade
    Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional Law, History, Law, Philosophy, Pioneer America, Religion
  • Roger Williams and the Separation of Church and State

    Roger Williams believed in the idea that religion was a matter of individual conscience, not to be regulated or supported by a government.

    In this lesson students examine both sides of the issue of a proposed R. I. bill that would provide tax supported school vouchers for private schools.  The students will research the issue using primary and secondary sources and then participate in a debate as to whether or not this bill is a violation of the separation of church and state.

    Lesson Plan
    Grade level:
    Eleventh Grade-College Undergraduate Level
    Civic Engagement, Colonial History, Community, Constitutional Amendments, Constitutional Law, Education, Government, Law, Pioneer America, Political Science, Religion, Social Studies
    religion, roger williams, Freedom of Religion, Rhode Island, school voucher, Constitution, U.S. Constitution