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    Roger Williams

    National Memorial Rhode Island


image of Antram Gray House peak
The Antram-Gray House is an early 18th century structure with a late 18th century addition and serves as the visitor center for Roger Williams National Memorial.

Entrance to Hahn Memorial
The Hahn Memorial is dedicated to Isaac Hahn, the first person of Jewish faith to be elected to public office from Providence, and designed by architect Norman M. Isham.
Bernon Grover marker
Bernon Grove is a memorial to Gabriel Bernon, early Providence resident, founder of King's Chapel (today, St. John's Cathedral located across the street from the memorial), and owner of the lot containing the Roger Williams Spring.
garden with church in background
17th Century Gardens
At Roger Williams National Memorial there are two interpretive gardens: a Native American garden and a Colonial Kitchen garden.

Did You Know?

Roger Williams

Roger Williams was over seventy years of age when he rowed the twenty-five miles from Providence to the Newport Colony in order to debate with the Quakers. After 3 days of debates, he rowed back to Providence from Newport and, upon his return, wrote an essay on why the Quakers were wrong? More...