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Host a 100th Anniversary Education/Interpretive Program

100th Anniversary Education/Interpretive Programs are activities which are primarily educational or interpretive in nature and that interpret some aspect of Rocky Mountain National Park's history, heritage, culture, or nature. Programs should relate to one of Rocky Mountain National Park's Primary Interpretive Themes (listed on application).

What are the benefits of being designated an official 100th Anniversary Education/Interpretive Program?

(1) the right to use the official 100th Anniversary Signature in the manner approved by the Signature Guidelines; (2) inclusion on the Rocky Mountain National Park 100th Anniversary webpage/site; (3) inclusion in the Centennial Calendar of Events with regional distribution; (4) promotion with other anniversary projects through press releases, newsletters, and other vehicles from the 100th Anniversary Program.

Examples of potential 100th Anniversary Education/Interpretive Programs:

  • A speaker or speaker series on RMNP resources or themes
  • a tour or hike that interprets park resources
  • a school or children's program that teaches about park resources or themes
  • a moderated panel discussion on park resources or values
  • a film or podcast about park resources
  • programs/tours about historic resources

Download the 100th Anniversary Education/Interpretive Program Application

Did You Know?

a photo of Elizabeth Burnell, the nation's first female nature guide

Rocky Mountain National Park licensed the nation’s first female nature guides in 1917. Sisters Ester and Elizabeth Burnell learned the naturalist trade from advocate and author Enos Mills.