• Photo of the continental divide blanketed in snow. NPS Photo by VIP Schonlau

    Rocky Mountain

    National Park Colorado

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  • Old Fall River Road will be closed in 2014 due to flood damage

    Damages on Old Fall River Road are extensive and the road will remain closed to vehicles through 2014. It is unknown at this time whether hikers and bicyclists will be allowed on the road. More »

  • Impacts from September 2013 Flood

    Due to recent flooding, there are still some closures in the park that could affect your visit. More »

Host a 100th Anniversary Event

A 100th Anniversary Event is an activity where the primary purpose is celebration, recognition of, and support of Rocky Mountain National Park's 100th Anniversary. Events must acknowledge or commemorate some aspect of Rocky Mountain National Park's history, heritage, culture, or natural elements.

What are the benefits of being designated an official 100th Anniversary Event?

(1) the right to use the official 100th Anniversary Signature in the manner approved by the Signature Guidelines; (2) inclusion on the Rocky Mountain National Park 100th Anniversary webpage/site; (3) inclusion in the Centennial Calendar of Events with regional distribution; (4) promotion with other anniversary activities through press releases, newsletters, and other vehicles from the 100th Anniversary Program.

Examples of potential 100th Anniversary Events:

  • 100th Anniversary symphony or music festival
  • student art show (with park themes)
  • An art auction or art gallery walk displaying park themed artwork or Artist In Residence artwork
  • art festivals
  • reunions of park related groups
  • photography workshops or contests
  • scholarship programs
  • book series or speaker series
  • 100th Year Birthday celebrations
  • 100th Anniversary challenges (hiking, riding, cycling, etc.)
  • community bbq or picnic
  • museum displays
  • street banners
  • cooking/baking/cake contests
  • theater productions
  • living history events
  • special deals on rental cars, hotels, meals, etc.

Download the 100th Anniversary Event Application

Did You Know?

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