Bear Lake Snow Conditions

Bear Lake Trailhead 3_29

Bear Lake Trailhead on March 29th. Around ranger station everything is melted down to pavement. From the snow starting at trailhead and on up, all trails are snow packed. Very slick conditions going to Bear Lake and this is especially true in the morning when it is colder. The ice is thinning on Bear at inlet, outlet and the north shoreline.

NPS/Jon Olsen


AVALANCHE CONDITIONS: Contact the Colorado Avalanche Information Center at:
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Bear Lake Weather
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Date: 4/15/15 10 AM
Temperature: High 27º, Low 24º, Current 26º
Snow Depth 33", 3½" new snow
Snowing heavily. Calm winds
Roads are being plowed but VERY slick
Trails have excellent spring conditions

Date: 4/14/15 8:05 AM
Temperature: High 55º, Low 28º, Current 43º
Snow Depth 27", no new snow
Skies are clear; SW winds 3-5 mph gusting to 10 mph
Roads are clear and dry
Trails are ICY

Date: 4/12/15 8:10 AM
Temperature: High 62°, Low 27°, Current 32°
Snow Depth 29", no new snow
Mostly cloudy and 5-10 mph winds
Trails are extrememly icy and snowpacked

Date: 4/11/15 8:20 AM
Temperature: High 56°, Low 24°, Current 29°
Snow Depth 29", no new snow
Partly cloudy and 1-5 mph winds
Trails are icy and snowpacked

Date: 4/10/15 8:00 AM
Temperature: High 52°, Low 17°, Current 25°
Snow Depth 32", no new snow
Skies are clear and winds calm
Road is clear and dry
Trails are "fair"

Date: 4/9/15 8:00 AM
Temperature: High 44°, Low 22°, Current 22°
Snow Depth 34" new snow 2 1/2"
Skies are cloudy
Road has some snow and ice above Sprague Lake

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