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Bear Lake Snow Conditions

Bear Lake Trailhead 1_19447X335
Bear Lake Trailhead January 19, 2015
NPS/Jon Olsen

AVALANCHE CONDITIONS: Contact the Colorado Avalanche Information Center at: http://avalanche.state.co.us/index.php
or call (303) 499-9650

Bear Lake Weather
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Date: 1/25/15 7:35 AM
Temperature: High 31º, Low 19º, Current 25º
Snow Depth 31", no new snow
Partly Cloudy, winds 10-20 mph gusting to 30 mph
Backcountry trail conditions good to excellent
Bear Lake Road: Icy, 4WD/AWD recommended but not required.

Date: 1/24/15 7:45 AM
Temperature: High 32º, Low 18º, Current 21º
Snow Depth 32", no new snow
Overcast, winds 10-15 mph gusting to 20 mph
Backcountry trail conditions excellent
Bear Lake Road from junction to Howell Park is mostly clear with some icy spot. From Howell Park to Bear Lake, road is snowpacked with icy spots and some drifting snow across road.

Date: 1/23/15 7:30 AM
Temperature: High 26º, Low -3º, Current 25º
Snow Depth 32", no new snow
Partly cloudy, calm winds
Backcountry trail conditions excellent
Bear Lake Road has hardpacked snow and winter driving conditions

Date: 1/21/15 7:50 AM
Temperature: High 24º, Low 9º, Current 11º
Snow Depth: 34", New snow 2"
Cloudy and winds are calm.
Roads are snow-packed and icy

Date: 1/20/15 7:45 AM
Temperature: High 33º, Low 13º, Current 14º
Snow Depth: 33", New snow 3½"
A few clouds, NW winds 5-10 mph. Snow is blowing on the ridgetops.
Backcountry trail conditions good
Roads are snow-packed and icy
Sledding at Hidden Valley is good, 2" new snow, all hills are well-covered

Date: 1/19/15 7:30 AM
Temperature; High 39°, Low 25°, Current 28°
Snow Depth: 28", No new snow
Skies are cloudy and winds are 10-15 with gusts above 30 mph
Road is snow covered above Bierdstadt and icy in spots

Date: 1/18/15 7:50 AM
Temperature: High 28°, Low 17°, Current 26°
Snow Depth 28", No New Snow
Winds gusitng 25-40 mph

Date: 1/17/15 8:00 AM
Temperature: High 39°, Low 18°, Current 18°
Snow Depth 29", 1.5" New Snow
Partly cloudy, winds 6-8 mph with gusts to 29 mph
Road are snowcovered

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