• Photo of golden aspen with Hallet Peak in the background. NPS Photo by J. Frank

    Rocky Mountain

    National Park Colorado

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  • Impacts from September 2013 Flood - Old Fall River Road, Alluvial Fan and Trails

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Research Datasets - Air & Water Quality

Ozone Mapping Project

This site includes the ability to map Colorado Front Range near Rocky Mountain NP

Air Quality Monitoring Data for Rocky Mountain National Park

The website for the National Park Service, Air Resources Division, data for Rocky

UV Radiation Monitoring by EPA and NPS

Niwot Ridge Meterological Data Monitoring

A link to the data from Niwot Ridge, just south of the park

USGS Big Thompson/ Moraine Park Stream Gauge

USGS Colorado River/Below Baker Gulch Stream Gauge

Loch Vale Watershed Research Project

A website that has research publications, data, and results from the 20+ years of monitoring the watershed

National Park Service Water Quality Data Management and Archives

A link to the NPS website for water quality data

USGS National Water Quality Assessment Data Warehouse This portal summarizes data for river basins across the US, including the Upper Colorado and South Platte basins, both partially within the boundaries of the park; data include water quality, stream flow, sediment analysis, and fish community information.

Did You Know?

A photo of arrowheads that archeologists found in the park.

The area now known as Rocky Mountain National Park has been occupied by human beings for 10,000 years. Archeologists have found more than 300 prehistoric sites at elevations ranging from 8,000 to 13,000 feet above sea level. More...