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  • Old Fall River Road will be closed in 2014 due to flood damage

    Damages on Old Fall River Road are extensive and the road will remain closed to vehicles through 2014. It is unknown at this time whether hikers and bicyclists will be allowed on the road. More »

  • Impacts from September 2013 Flood

    Due to recent flooding, there are still some closures in the park that could affect your visit. More »

Threatened and Endangered Plant Species

Endangered Species Act (ESA) Endangered, Threatened, and Candidate Species List for Rocky Mountain National Park

The following table contains a list of species that are specific to Rocky Mountain National Park and are federally listed as endangered, threatened or candidates for listing, by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under the provisions of the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has reviewed the list and provided a letter of concurrence dated January 15, 2004.

The species that are included in the table must meet one of the following criteria:

  • The species is known to occur within the park.
  • The species does not occur within the park, but suitable habitat is available, the habitat is within the known elevation range for the species, and the species is known to exist in counties that the park occupies.
  • The species does not occur within the park, but actions within the park have the potential to affect the species.

In compliance with the Endangered Species Act, all management actions within the park are evaluated to determine if they will have any effect on endangered, threatened or candidate species on this list.

Federally Listed and Candidate Species & Their Status in Colorado

Known to Occur in RMNP

Known to Occur in Boulder County

Known to Occur in Larimer County

Known to Occur in Grand County


Colorado butterfly plant, Gaura neomexicana spp. Coloradensis, Threatened





Utes ladies’-tresses, Spiranthes diluvialis, Threatened





Table Terminology

Endangered means the species could become extinct
Threatened means the species could become endangered

Last modified 12/2004

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