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Hotshot Employment Information

Photo Hotshots at morning briefing

Vacancy announcements for next season’s permanent and seasonal positions will be posted on the USAJOBS website during December and January of any given year. To apply for the upcoming season with the crew please read the next section, it contains instructions how to navigate through the USAJOBS website. Applicants need to follow the filing directions in the announcement.

Alpine IHC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

How To Access Alpine IHC Vacancy Announcements:

• Visit the website http://www.usajobs.opm.gov
• Click on Search Jobs
• Enter "Forestry Technician" in the blank provided
• Scroll Down and select CO-Estes Park under Location Search
• Do not select a category under Job Category
• Enter GS 4 to 5 under Pay Grade Range
• Under Applicant Eligibility:

  • select NO if you are applying for temporary/seasonal job
  • select NO if you do not meet any of the listed criteria
  • select YES if you meet any of the listed criteria

• Click SUBMIT
• NOTE: The job title may not include anything about it being a hotshot position in the banner line. However, if you click on the underlined job title you will be able to read the specific announcement, and it will state whether it is a job with the Alpine Hotshots. If not, select the next announcement until you find it.

Contact Alpine IHC:

Paul Cerda, Superintendent, 970-586-1335 or e-mail.

Fax: 970-586-1318

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