• Photo of park visitors enjoying sunset from the Alpine Ridge Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.

    Rocky Mountain

    National Park Colorado

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  • Impacts from September 2013 Flood - Old Fall River Road, Alluvial Fan and Trails

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Students look at tracks in the field

Discover the people, places, and resources in Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park is an amazing place! In the park you can hike through four different ecosystems: Montane Forests, Subalpine Forests, Alpine Tundra, and Riparian areas found by streams, lakes, and rivers. As you hike along, you might see a pine squirrel hiding pine cones in the subalpine forest, hear a woodpecker drilling on an old lodgepole pine to find the bugs living under the bark, or meet one of our rangers that help to protect and take care of the park every day.


Meet Your Rocky Rangers

Meet Your Rocky Rangers is a series of videos that introduce some of the many rangers that work in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Did You Know?

Ptarmigan in summer camouflage

The ptarmigan is camouflaged perfectly in summer, with "mottled rock" color, and in winter, when it takes on the color of snow.