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Exploring the Sky


Come See the Stars!
2014 Schedule

Month Day Time Things of Interest
April 5 8:30 PM Winter constellations; Jupiter
May 3 9:00 PM Saturn rising in the east; Astronomy Day 5/10
June 21 9:00 PM Solstice 6/21; possible meteors (June Boötids)
July 19 9:00 PM Summer Triangle; Mars has just passed Spica
August 23 8:30 PM Andromeda rising; Perseid meteor shower
September 20 8:00 PM Andromeda Galaxy rising; equinox 9/23
October 18 7:30 PM Possible meteor crash on Mars 10/19; Vega overhead
November 1 7:00 PM Pleiades and winter constellations appear

Exploring the Sky is an informal program that for over sixty years has offered monthly opportunities for anyone in the Washington area to see the stars and planets through telescopes from a location within the District of Columbia.

Sessions are held in Rock Creek Park once each month on a Saturday night from April through November, starting shortly after sunset. We meet in the field just south of the intersection of Military and Glover Roads NW, near the Nature Center. A parking lot is located immediately next to the field.

Beginners (including children) and experienced stargazers are all welcome-and it's free!

Questions? Call the Nature Center at (202) 895-6070 or check the Internet sites: http://www.nps.gov/rocr/planyourvisit/planetarium.htm or http://www.capitalastronomers.org

A presentation of the National Park Service and National Capital Astronomers.

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