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Traveling Trunks

Wildlife Kits

Three Urban Wildlife Kits (deer, owl, turtle), designed for pre-K through grade 3, are available for loan from the Rock Creek Park Nature Center. Each kit contains a teacher's guide, materials, books, and objects for hands-on lessons focusing on adaptions and habitats. Contact the nature center to reserve a kit.


Civil War Trunk

The Sentinels of Freedom trunk contains materials to assist in teaching at the fourth grade curriculum level, the diverse and controversial time in American History known as the American Civil War.

Activities and resources in the trunk allow you to cover the political, cultural, geographical, and social aspects of the Civil War from local and national perspectives. Such activities and resources found within this trunk include:

  • Geography of 1861 America
  • Slavery and the Underground Railroad
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Uniform of the Civil War Soldier
  • Toys and Games · Civil War recipes
  • Civil War Flags · Craft activities
  • Civil War Songs
  • The Defenses of Washington, DC
  • The Battle of Fort Stevens

Additional activities for certain subject matters can be found in the Activity Sheets.

Did You Know?