Our Mission

The Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center (OASLC) is dedicated to understanding and preserving the marine ecosystem that connects Alaska's National Parks through research and education.  

The OASLC works with diverse partners to achieve this mission and is part of a national effort to increase the amount of scientific research in the national parks, and thus the effectiveness of science-informed decision making, and to make that science available to the public.


Woman stands on beach with pile of buoys

Marine Debris

Even the remote coastlines of Alaska's national parks are not immune from marine debris. A large-scale cleanup effort was completed in 2015.

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sea star on beach

Sea Star Wasting Disease

A 2014 study in the northern Gulf of Alaska found no evidence of this disease, though the disease has been found in southeast Alaska.

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Man looks through microscope

Upcoming Teacher Workshop

Learn more about the teacher workshops the OASLC presents along with the Alaska SeaLife Center.

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