A Man looks at feather through magnifying glass

NPS Photo / Charlotte Bodak

As unparalleled living laboratories, national parks offer researchers priceless opportunities to study unique natural systems and living organisms. The resulting science benefits society and develops the scientific information needed to make effective management decisions.
Current Science & Research Opportunities

MSLC Program of Research Fellowships
For 2015 fellowships, the application deadline is February 16, 2015
Research fellows are selected on several factors including the significance of their proposed research to park management issues, the scientific merit of the proposal, and the congruity of the proposed research with scientific efforts currently taking place at Denali and other Alaska national parks.

MSLC Researchers-in-Residence
The MSLC Researcher-in-Residence program allows select researchers to build lasting connections with Denali's research staff and to further the long-term science outreach potential for the park.

Information for Researchers in Denali
Find information on applying for research permits, housing, and amenities for researchers working in Denali.

Science and Research in Alaska's Subarctic and Arctic National Parks

Visit the natural and cultural history sections of Denal's website, and the MSLC's other partner parks, for information on everything from wildlife to subsistence hunting. Many current research projects are described in a diverse series of fact sheets about research and resource management.