Research Fellowships

Composite image showing four research activities: female researcher holding shorebird chicks, scene showing flags marking archeological finds, male researcher near camera on tripod, female researcher examining tundra plants

2013 Research fellows at work

Photo credits, from top to bottom:
Fang-Yee Lin, Andrew Tremayne, Lacy Karpilo, Verity Salmon

Research Fellowships

Application period for 2015 is now CLOSED.

Kinds of Fellowships
In 2015, there are two research fellowships (made possible by two funding sources):

  • Discover Denali Research Fellowships -- for studies in or near Denali

  • Alaska Geographic Fellowships -- for studies in one or more of 8 arctic and subarctic parks (Bering Land Bridge, Cape Krusenstern, Denali, Gates of the Arctic, Kobuk Valley, Noatak, Wrangell - St. Elias, and Yukon - Charley Rivers)

Both fellowship programs are designed primarily to provide funding for graduate students, but may also be appropriate for college faculty, undergraduates, agency scientists, and private-sector researchers. A researcher may submit an application requesting up to $8000 to be used over one or two years, but typically funding in previous years had been $6,000 or less. More than one fellow will be selected for each fellowship.

Learn more about previous Fellowship recipients and their projects.

How to Apply
Details about the fellowships and how to apply are provided in a brochure.

Murie Science and Learning Center Program of Research Fellowships
2015 Application Instructions and Guidelines

Application Cover Page (include with application materials)

View of an alert moose cow with a fur coat in excellent shiny brown condition

A parallel with research? Keeping ears and eyes alert for new discoveries

Photo Credit: Steve Thomas

Fellowship Funding

The Murie Science and Learning Center is located in Denali National Park and Preserve (at ~Mile 1.5 on the Denali Park Road) and promotes science and stewardship on behalf of national parks in northern Alaska. As part of its mission to connect people with their public lands, Alaska Geographic provides staffing and funding toward MSLC operations. The MSLC Program of Research Fellowships makes both fellowships possible.

Discover Denali Fellowships are funded by the Denali Education Center (with proceeds from Discover Denali, an MSLC program developed in partnership between the Denali Education Center and the National Park Service). The Denali Education Center connects people to Denali through fun, informative, and inspiring programs that build lifelong friendships, lasting memories, and a sense of connection with nature. Denali Education Center has been a non-profit educational partner of Denali since 1989.

Alaska Geographic Research Fellowships are funded by Alaska Geographic through education programs at the Murie Science and Learning Center. Through a variety of science-based education and outreach efforts, Alaska Geographic provides much of the financial support for the MSLC. Alaska Geographic is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people to our public lands, and has been an active public lands partner in Alaska since 1959.
Female researcher working in tundra (red in fall)

Research fellow studies the physiology of autumn leaf color change in Denali

NPS Photo

Information for Applicants Conducting Studies in Denali
The following information may be helpful to Denali applicants: