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    Murie Science and Learning Center

About Us

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The Murie Science and Learning Center is situated at the entrance to Denali National Park and Preserve. The operations of the facility are funded and facilitated by the National Park Service, Alaska Geographic, and other partners who contribute to the overall mission. The MSLC is one of 19 Research Learning Centers operated by the Park Service nationwide. Research Learning centers seek to increase the amount of scientific research in the national parks and thus the effectiveness of science-informed decision making, and to make that science accessible to the public. Check out our 2014 Annual Report and Program Summary for short updates on everything that is happening at MSLC this year.

Murie Science and Learning Center Mission

The Murie Science and Learning Center provides research, discovery, and learning opportunities within arctic and subarctic National Parks to promote appreciation and caring for our natural and cultural heritage.

Murie Science and Learning Center Goals

  • Promote understanding of how science benefits park management decisions.
  • Promote and facilitate research of arctic and subarctic Alaskan national park ecosystems.
  • Actively share scientific findings in a compelling and understandable way.
  • Promote resource stewardship through partnerships.

Meet the Staff at the Murie Science and Learning Center (MSLC)
The staff working in the MSLC come from many walks of life, all working together to bridge science, education and partnerships.

Check Out Our Facilities
The Murie Science and Learning Center is open to the public from 9 am - 4:30 pm daily. There is a spacious museum area with exhibits featuring research that is being performed in Denali and other Alaska national parks. There are also comfortable chairs and science publications to enjoy on cold and wet days. The main building also contains a large, dividable classroom with video-teleconferencing equipment, a conference room, and office space capable of hosting 15 partners, science educators, and researchers. Other MSLC facilities include a nearby dining facility, a front-country yurt for visiting researchers and presenters, and a remote field camp featuring six tent cabins (that sleep 24 total), a food storage facility and a yurt. Situated at mile 29 of the Denali Park Road, the field camp provides convenient accommodations within the park for MSLC education courses and permitted researchers.

Learn about the history of the Muries, as well as the symbolism of the Murie Science and Learning Center logo.

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