Be A Junior Ranger

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Become a Junior Ranger by completing some fun activities, games, and puzzles that encourage your direct experience and discovery at a national park. You can earn a badge, a patch, and a certificate. It's fun for the whole family! Stop in the visitor center at the next park you visit and ask about becoming a Junior Ranger!

What is a Junior Ranger?

A junior ranger is someone who, after completing the requirements, promises to take care of all the resources at our national parks. The Junior Ranger program is a fun way to learn about how you can help protect the parks; just like our park rangers!

How does it work?

While visiting a park, stop by the visitor center to get your copy of the Junior Ranger Book. The books are FREE! Complete the activities and requirements (outlined in the book), bring your book with completed activities, and a ranger will review your book with you.

When your booklet is completed, you will receive

  • A Junior Ranger badge and/or patch
  • An official Junior Ranger Certificate to frame and enjoy

Best of all, you will have gained valuable knowledge in the stewardship of our national parks and that's what we really want! The more we all share in caring for our environment, the healthier the Earth will be... and the healthier the Earth, the happier all of us will be. Remember, it's all for our children's children's children... and beyond!

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Be a web ranger!

Be a WebRanger!

As a WebRanger, you'll learn what park rangers do to help protect our natural resources and our cultural heritage. You'll also learn how park rangers observe and discover new things about our national parks, things to share with visitors like you.

Visit the NPS Web Ranger page.

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