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    Rio Grande

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Things To Know Before You Come

Hot Springs Canyon
Hot Springs Canyon
NPS Photo/Cookie Ballou
Congress designated this segment of the Rio Grande in Texas as the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River in 1978 because of its "outstandingly remarkable" scenic, geologic, fish and wildlife, and recreational values. The Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River is administered as a unit of the national park system by Big Bend National Park.
Rio Grande Village Store
Convenience Stores, Gasoline, and Lodging
Commercial services are available in Big Bend National Park including, the Chisos Mountains Lodge, and camper stores located at Rio Grande Village, Castolon, Panther Junction and the Chisos Basin. more...
Filtering Water

River Safety
By giving forethought to your actions, you can have a safe, exciting, and rewarding experience while floating the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River. more...

Boquillas Canyon

Water Quality & River Users
The quality of water in the Rio Grande through the Big Bend region is highly variable. Big Bend National Park staff sample the water for bacterial levels on a monthly basis at several locations within the park. more...

Lightning Storm

The “rainy season” extends from mid-July through early October and can result in locally heavy thunderstorms and flash floods. Rapid river rises can be dangerous if unprepared. more...

Did You Know?

The American eel

The construction of the Amistad dam down river has resulted in the loss of the atlantic sturgeon and the American eel in the waters of the Rio Grande in the Big Bend. These are two of six species which are no longer found in the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River due to a variety of factors. More...