• Gaines' Mill battlefield -- Watt House area


    National Battlefield Park Virginia

Your Safety

While every effort is made to provide for your safety, you must remain alert and cautious. Drive carefully: the park roads are narrow, winding, and intended for leisurely enjoyment. Pay particular attention to speed limits and warning signs on park roads. Park only in paved areas. Stay on designated trails. Do not stray into woods, where you may encounter poison ivy and ticks. Be alert for poisonous snakes.

First aid is available at the visitor centers or from park staff. In the case of emergencies, dial 911.

Did You Know?

Troop of Union soldiers with flag

Of the 12,738 reported Federal casualties for the battle of Cold Harbor, nearly one in six belonged to a heavy artillery regiment. These units earned the nickname “Red Leg Infantry” because the facings on their uniforms were scarlet, rather than the regulation sky-blue of the regular infantry.