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  • 01/23/2013

    Location: Thrid Street Bethel AME Church, 614 N. 3rd St. Richmond VA Time: 7:00 PM Fee Information: Free

On September 22, 1862, Abraham Lincoln published what would become known as the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. The document enraged many in the South who thought it unenforceable and further proof that Lincoln to end their way of life. Radical Republicans in the Union also raged against the document for not going far enough to end slavery in these United States.

But enslaved blacks remained hopeful and vigilant - and they pledged to be watchful when freedom came as promised January 1, 1863. Meanwhile, free blacks and their abolitionist allies organized to provide education, housing, food and other resources to the newly freed. They rallied together in churches for "Watch Night" services.

Join Maggie L. Walker NHS, Richmond National Battlefield Park, and The American Civil War Center for "100 Days to Freedom: The Emancipation Proclamation and Watch Night" - a remarkable evening of historic narrative, period song, and storytelling.


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