• Gaines' Mill battlefield -- Watt House area


    National Battlefield Park Virginia

Sustainable Building Design, Operation, and Maintenance

The newest building in the Park is the auto shop, a project that was built upon Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles for new construction. Skylights and solar-powered security lights reduce energy consumption. Solar heating tubes on the roof power heating coils in the shop floor and reduce the need for extra heating in winter. Low- flow and waterless restroom facilities reduce water consumption, and the building's steel structure is very easy to recycle and fabricate into new items.

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Maintenance Headquarters
This auto shop was designed and built with sustainability in mind.

Did You Know?

Stone marker with metal plate

Scattered throughout the Richmond area are 58 historic markers erected by the Richmond Battlefield Markers Association beginning in the 1920’s. One of its members was Douglas Southall Freeman, editor for the Richmond News Leader and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Robert E. Lee.