• Gaines' Mill battlefield -- Watt House area


    National Battlefield Park Virginia

Disturbed Lands

Native meadow

Native meadow established in a disturbed field at Parker's Battery

(NPS Photo)

In the process of acquiring new property, as well as restoring and maintaining historical landscapes, Richmond National Battlefield Park encounters and creates various degrees of disturbance. If not properly planned and managed, these disturbances create the opportunity for undesirable repercussions.

Disturbed lands are much more vulnerable to threats such as erosion and nonnative species infestation. Loss of vegetative cover, often associated with disturbance, tends to lead to increased soil erosion. This, in turn, leads to the degradation of soil and water resources if not mitigated. Disturbance also tends to foster the increased establishment of invasive species, thereby degrading the overall community by displacing native flora and fauna.

Whenever possible the park uses natural buffer zones, native species plantings, and other preemptive management techniques to protect the disturbed site from these vulnerabilities. The park's management goal is to create a native species rich environment, and minimize the invasive threat to nearby undisturbed areas, while restoring important cultural landscapes to their historic conditions.

Did You Know?

Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond

Tredegar Iron Works produced almost 1,100 cannon, roughly one-half of all guns made in the South during the war. (It was second only to the Parrott foundry in Cold Springs, New York in production for the entire United States.)