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New Guidance for Adding Green Roofs to Historic Properties

View from above of green roofs on industrial buildings.
Green roofs installed as part of a tax credit project on the National Bohemian Brewery in Baltimore, MD.
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The Technical Preservation Services (TPS) office of the National Park Service is continuing its commitment to provide guidance related to sustainability and green design for historic properties with the release of new online guidance for Green Roofs on Historic Buildings. The guidance includes information on green roofs, how they are constructed, and special considerations for installations on historic structures, as well as features three case-study projects that have added green roofs to historic buildings, while preserving their historic character. The guidance supports Action 25 ("What's Old is New"), Action 23 ("Go Green"), and Action 17 ("Go Digital"). 


This new feature is one part of the Sustainability section of the TPS website – a section dedicated to promoting the inherently sustainable features of historic buildings, as well as the means and methods for improving their energy efficiency and sustainability. Additional new content for this section continues to be developed.


Technical Preservation Services, Cultural Resources, Partnerships and Science, National Park Service, is responsible for providing interpretive guidance on how historic properties may be adapted and reused while meeting the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, which are also regulatory for many projects. TPS also develops general historic preservation policy and guidance on preserving and rehabilitating historic buildings and administers the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program for rehabilitating historic buildings.