New Videos Offer Window to the Western Arctic
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The summer videographer in Kotzebue, AK for the Western Arctic parks has completed a 4-minute film on the myriad of Jr. Ranger programs that take place for kids ages 3-12 years. She is also well on her way to completing a 4-minute video about the Camp Willow experience for middle school students using footage she shot plus still photos from the campers. Both videos will be posted on the Kobuk Valley, Cape Krusenstern and Noatak websites.

The goal is to help virtual visitors see how native children interact with their natural world and the rangers that help them connect to it.  A 3-minute video is also under construction that will help visitors plan an excursion to the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes. Since there are no trails, roads or facilities in Kobuk Valley National Park, the video will help people arrange complex logistics for this remote wilderness trip. The film will be available on the Kobuk website.