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Tuff Canyon Wayside Exhibit

Wayside exhibit at Tuff Canyon

NPS Photo/Cookie Ballou

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Out With the Old
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Out With the Old
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Big Bend National Park has made significant headway in replacing old exhibits, waysides, and films. The park has five visitor centers and four have been renovated in the past five years; the last one is currently in the final stages of construction.

The park has over 70 wayside exhibits. In the last ten years, all have been rewritten and upgraded to one consistent style of porcelain enamel panels with new bases.

The park's first orientation film, (funded with partner and Centennial dollars), has been completed! The new film will debut in May, 2013. It was filmed in Blu-ray HD format, is fully ADA accessible, and will be shown in the park's newly-built auditorium, (completion expected in April, 2013).

The park is also working with its partner, Friends of Big Bend, in raising funds for a future paleontology exhibit. This exhibit will feature and showcase Big Bend's marine, Cretaceous, mammal, and plant fossils, and will be the largest of the park's exhibits. This project is currently in its fundraising, design planning, and Environmental Assessment (EA) stage.