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Cedar Mountain Battlefield, VA
Cedar Mountain Battlefield, VA
American Battlefield Protection Program, Tanya Gossett, Photographer/Surveyor

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The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) is the only Federal program identified by Congress to promote the preservation of significant historic battlefields associated with all wars on American soil. The ABPP administers two national grant programs: Preservation Planning Grants and the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).  The Preservation Planning Grants program provides funds for non-construction and is used for any battlefield landscape on American soil. The LWCF program provides funds for battlefield landscape acquisition. This grant is currently limited to Civil War battlefields listed in the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission's 1993 report to Congress. The LWCF was created by Congress in 1964 and obtains its funds from fees collected from offshore drilling of oil and gas. This continual grant process allows the ABPP to protect battlefield landscapes in perpetuity.

Since 1998, the ABPP has provided more than $85 million in matching funds for state and local governments, and has protected over 20,000 acres at 79 Civil War battlefields in 16 states. In 2012 alone, $8.9 million has been made available for grant awards. These awards help purchase land in fee simple and preservation easements. In the application process the potential grantee must partner with a state or local government and provide matching funds for whatever amount they are requesting. Upon being evaluated by ABPP staff and approved by the Director of the National Park Service, these grants are awarded throughout the year as funds allow.

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