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  • Warning: Elk Calving Season, Elk Can Be Aggressive

    Female (cow) elk are defensive of their newly born calves. As people approach, a cow may charge and/or rear up and lash out with her front legs. For your safety, STAY 500 FEET AWAY from elk, at all times. More »

  • Davison Road Maintenance begins 7/7/2014. Expect delays.

    Beginning July 7, road crews will be grading sections of Davison Road between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm. Visitors to Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon should expect 30 minute delays.


The Official Visitor Guide to Redwood National and State Parks

2014 Redwood Visitor Guide (PDF, 6.02 MB)


Camping Guide
Not sure what campground is best for you? The guide includes facility descriptions, fees, and services. The guide also provides alternative public camping opportunities.

Redwood National and State Parks Camping Guide
(PDF, 2.1 MB) June 2014

Campground Maps

Jedediah Smith Campground (PDF, 1 MB)
Mill Creek (Del Norte Coast) Campground (PDF, 1 MB)
Elk Prairie (Prairie Creek) Campground (PDF, 1 MB)
Gold Bluffs Beach Campground (PDF, 1 MB)


Official State Park Brochures
The official brochures for the three state parks within Redwood National and State Parks.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park


Backcountry Camping

2014 Backcountry Trip Planner (PDF, 6.02 MB)


About Coast Redwoods

Redwood Burl (PDF, 3.59 MB)
Redwood burls, in their twisted, knotted forms, offer the potential for coast redwoods to grow and thrive for millennia.
March 2014

The Three Redwoods (PDF, 2.43 MB)
Information about the three redwood species—coast redwood, giant sequoia, and dawn redwood—and how to tell the difference between them. June 2014

How to Help Your Redwood Seedling Survive (PDF, 136.9 KB)
Did you purchase a redwood seedling from one of Redwood's cooperating association bookstores? Here's how to care for your tree once you get it home. May 2002


Horseback Riding and Horse Trails

Mill Creek Horse Trail Seasonal Closure (PDF, 2.69 MB)
Description of seasonal closures on the Mill Creek Horse Trail to protect salmon, and map of alternative route.

Exploring Redwood Creek (PDF, 1.4 MB)
A brief history of the Redwood Creek watershed, the restoration projects underway today, and a description of the hiking and horse trails (Orick Horse Trail) in the area. April 2010.

Horseback Riding (PDF, 2.12 MB)
A description of the designated horse trails in redwood National and State Parks, with maps and safety and regulatory information.


Safety and Regulatory Information

Bear Country! (PDF, 160 KB)
Information about black bears in the parks and how to protect them and yourself during your visit. March 2005

Enjoying the Beach: Beach Safety (PDF, 244 KB)
Don't let the ocean catch you off guard. Play it safe and plan ahead. December 2006

Mountain Lions in Redwood (PDF, 376 KB)
Information about mountain lions in the parks and how to protect them and yourself during your visit.

Pets (PDF, 2.67 MB)
Information about bringing your pets to the parks (with the exception of guide animals, they're not allowed on trails, in buildings, and at ranger-led programs) and the best places to take them. July 2014



Elk in the Redwoods (PDF, 53 KB)
General information, where to see them, and how to observe them safely. September 2002

Bear Country! (PDF, 160 KB)
Information about black bears in the parks and how to protect them and yourself during your visit. March 2005

Mountain Lions in Redwood (PDF, 376 KB)
Information about mountain lions in the parks and how to protect them and yourself during your visit.


Bicycling and Bike Trails

Bicycling: Routes and Rules of the Road (PDF, 1 MB)
Regulations for bicyclists in the parks, as well as safety information and designated backcountry bicycle routes. June 2014


Fishing Regulations

2014 California Fishing Regulations: California Fish and Game freshwater fishing, ocean fishing, and supplemental regulations.

2014 Smith River Fishing Regulations (PDF, 921 KB)
2014 Redwood Creek Fishing Regulations (PDF, 476 KB)
2014 Freshwater Lagoon Fishing Regulations (PDF, 820 KB)


Management and Administration

Fact Sheet (2.73 MB)
The numbers, figures, and facts of Redwood National and State Parks. June 2014

Comment Sheet (259 KB)
Your feedback is important! Tell us what you think we're doing right and/or where we need to make improvements. Thank you! April 2014


History and Culture

The Making of a Yurok Canoe (PDF, 165 KB)
Yurok people have always been closely tied to fresh and salt water. They travelled extensively by canoe—the canoe was an essential part of each family's household. Today, Yurok carvers continue the tradition.

Redwood National Park resource managers pioneered watershed restoration. This 8-page newspaper covers the history and the future of restoring watersheds in these parks, includes lots of pictures and maps.

Redwood Information in Other Languages

Español (Spanish)

Guía del Visitante, Visitor Guide (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Bienvenidos al Bosque de Redwoods, Park Brochure (PDF, 301 KB)


ビジターガイド, Visitor Guide (PDF 3.7 MB)
ようこそ Park Brochure (PDF, 587.47 KB)


歡迎 Park Brochure (PDF, 367 KB)

Junior Ranger 活动手册 (PDF 7.6MB)


방문자 안내, Visitor Guide (PDF 3.7 MB)
Junior Ranger 활동 소책자 (PDF 5.6 MB)


Leitfaden für Besucher, Visitor Guide (PDF 3.6 MB)

Herlich wilkommen, Park Brochure (PDF, 589 KB)
Junior Ranger Aktivitäten-Heft (PDF 7.2 MB)

Français (French)

Soyes le bienvenu, Park Brochure (PDF, 155.92 KB)

Tiếng Việt

Junior Ranger Sách Hướng Dẫn Các Hoạt Động (PDF 7.3 MB)

Did You Know?

redwood cone

A redwood cone is the size of an olive. Each cone contains 60 to 120 seeds. One tree may produce 10 million seeds but only a few will reach maturity. If a seed settles in just the right place it may grow into a tree that will live more than 2,000 years.